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Iglulik, Nunavut, 2002.

Aġviq (sg)/ Aġvak (dual) / Aġviġit (pl) (Balaena mysticetus)

Aġviġum sakimaŋa niqillautaq, uqaŋata kaŋiani.

[edit | edit source]

  • Aġvaalik (Tanŋ. female bowhead whale with a calf)
  • Aġvaaq (pl: aġvarrak) (Tanŋ. baby whale; whale calf )
  • Aġvalutauraq (Tanŋ. weaned female whale (young and fat))
  • Aŋirualuk (Ti) suli Aapsavak (Ti) (Tanŋ. very large whale)
  • Aapsavaaluk (Tanŋ. very old male whale (often in last group of whales to migrate northward in spring))
  • Iŋutuq (Tanŋ. young female whale (choice eating); young whale)
  • Iŋutualuk (Tanŋ. old female whale)
  • Iŋutugrauraq (Ti) (Tanŋ. baby female whale)
  • Iŋutuvak (Tanŋ. large whale with rolled blubber on back; (Ti) fat mature female with curved nose)
  • Naalunŋiaġiik (Tanŋ. mother whale with baby)
  • Qaġliḷik (Ti) (Tanŋ. mature male whale with white section at base of flukes)
  • Qairaliq (Ti) (Tanŋ. young whale which comes north for first time)
  • Qairalliq (Tanŋ. two-year-old bowhead whale)
  • Usiŋŋuaq (Tanŋ. large whale)
  • Usiŋŋuaġaaluk (Ti) (Tanŋ. mature male whale)
  • Usiŋŋuaġrauraq (Ti) (Tanŋ. baby male whale)
  • Usiŋautchiaq (Ti) (Tanŋ. usiŋŋuatchiaq medium sized male whale; (Ti) young male whale)
  • Usiŋŋuatchauraq (Tanŋ. male whale)
  • Utchik (Tanŋ. whale’s tongue)

Aġviqsiuqtit[edit | edit source]